Discover how to play Xoc Dia with melon seeds for beginners

Xoc Dia is inherently a game with a long history and exists in Vietnam in particular and the world in general. Currently, many game portals have made coin toss more accessible to players thanks to the new online form. Among them, Xoc Dia melon seeds is a very famous and popular entertainment game. Soon, you will discover details about this game in my article Kubet11

Introducing melon seed Xoc Dia 

When you want to learn about Xoc Dia melon seeds or any other game, you should get into the habit of exploring information around you first. Because only then will you be able to grasp and adapt faster to all entertainment games. 

Accordingly, Xoc Dia is originally a folk game and has appeared for a long time in the Northern provinces of Vietnam. Tools to play this game include bowl, plate and four coins. During the game, any participant is designated as the dealer to shake the disc on behalf of the remaining players. Currently, the melon seed style has many similarities in traditional advantages. 

Outstanding features of Xoc Dia melon seeds 

Melon Seed Xoc Dia is a change and development based on the traditional game. Therefore, the basic features of this game remain the same. In addition, Xoc Dia melon seeds nowadays, people mainly participate online. Of course, this type of online play must create unique attractions and advantages for so many people to like it. 

Comfortable entertainment  

When you play melon seed dice online, you don’t need to go to the casino or gather with friends. Because now gamers can sit at home and participate directly in dice games according to their wishes. In particular, online game portals today divide many levels of bets and rewards. Therefore, you can easily balance your finances to participate. As long as you have a smartphone connected to the internet, it’s fine. 

Suitable for those who are busy 

Among those who are following this article, there will certainly be people who have quite busy jobs. So your rest time is very little. Therefore, Xoc Dia melon seeds is a great solution for you to entertain more actively. 

High security

In addition to the above two outstanding features, Xoc Dia melon seeds online also comes with the following support features: 

  • Commitment to confidentiality for participating members. 
  • Strictly prohibit and thoroughly handle all acts of cheating and interference with game results. 
  • Many attractive incentive programs. 
  • The customer service department works day and night. 
  • There are many attractive gifts for new and old members. 

How to play basic melon seed Xoc Dia 

Basically, playing Xoc Dia melon seeds is not difficult. Even if you have never experienced it, you can quickly get used to it, specifically as follows:
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  • In each round of melon seed dice game, you are divided into 2 bets: even and odd. 
  • The dealer member will start by placing the bowl on a plate and flipping the coin back and forth a few times. 
  • When the house member stops shaking the disc, you will have nearly 1 minute to place your bet. 
  • Finally, people are not allowed to touch the bowls and plates and wait for the dealer to open them and read the results. 

Currently, many game portals want to legalize Xoc Dia, so they have created the melon seed style and played online. Accordingly, the publisher maintains the traditional features of the game but still adds many new features to better suit the times. 

Tips for playing top-notch melon seed Xoc Dia 

Did you know that Xoc Dia melon seeds can predict up to 99% accuracy? However, this only happens if you are a master. Therefore, in order for you to predict accurately in the melon seed coin toss game, do not ignore the tips below. 

Listen and guess 

Each game of Xoc Dia with melon seeds results in not only odd or even numbers. Therefore, the ability to predict from you is divided 50/50. So if you apply probability calculation, you have very little chance of winning. So why don’t you try your mother to listen to the bumping sound and guess?

This prediction tip can be applied to both online and real life. Accordingly, you should start practicing by listening to each shock in turn. Do this many times so you can guess whether the shock is strong or light from the Dealer. Then apply the law of probability to make the final decision. 

If you pay attention, each game of melon seed dice has its own rules. For example, the last game was odd and the player bumped 4 times at a slow speed. So if you continue to play the next time you see the Dealer still doing the same thing, just do it. Most bookmakers nowadays only use a fixed coin, which rarely changes, so your prediction will be easier. 

Read the table of flavors 

Reading the table of flavors is the next tip for playing melon seed dice that you need to understand. Accordingly, you can see the displayed results of previous games. From here, you will have specific data to know which door to place next. This secret has been applied and succeeded by many professionals. 

If you want to have a table, then apply many other methods to each of your dice games. From there, you will have the rules and calculate the most suitable door for yourself. 

Randomly choose one door and double play 

Perhaps for those of you who often play betting games, there is nothing left with folding techniques. In melon seed coin toss, you should also apply this method to predict more accurately, specifically as follows: 

  • Please choose a suitable door for yourself. To increase accuracy, you can review the results of previous games. If you see an even number 2 times in a row, place an odd bet and vice versa. 
  • Please start playing coin toss by placing small bets. If you win, leave that money alone for the next game. But when you lose, you have to double your bet. If you apply this method, you will rarely lose money. 
  • In order for you to play Xoc Xoc Dia effectively, you must have a large capital. Therefore, you must consider your finances and see if you are suitable for this method. 

Use the statistics table to bet 

At each table playing Xoc Dia melon seeds online, there is always a statistics table next to it. This is where the house displays betting information for members to follow. Now you will know how many participants choose even or odd. Among these, there are many experts who are hiding.

However, if you do not have experience evaluating bets, learn to follow the majority or do the opposite. At the same time, you should only apply this method for a few games. Because then you will make your own personal rules and more accurate predictions. 


So, you have just finished discovering all the information about the game Shake the plate with melon seeds. Here you can see that this game is very simple and easy to participate in. You just need to know the tips and add a little luck to have a chance to predict correctly.

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