Chicken Fighting with Exciting Differences and Generous Betting Rewards

When it comes to cockfighting, many rookies seem unfamiliar. However, veteran bettors have a solid grasp of this form of entertainment. So that bettors are not confused and feel confident when participating, will introduce highly entertaining games in the following article.

What is the difference between fighting chicken with knife spurs and fighting cock with iron spurs?

Is fighting with knife spurs similar to kicking or iron spurs? Of course, each type has its own characteristics that players need to distinguish clearly.

What is the origin of Cua Dao stone?

If Cambodia is the cradle of steel spur cockfighting, then the Philippines is the birthplace of knife spur cockfighting. It is a more advanced version of the fighting cock. If in the past, warriors only fought with bare feet, using their beaks to peck and grab their opponents, today they have knife spurs attached to their feet. As the name suggests, this type of spur is no different from a small sharpened knife.

Fierce competition, heavier damage

With iron spur fighting, warriors still have a chance to survive if their wounds are healed. However, just being hit by a group of knives guarantees that you will be dismembered and die right on the field. Because of the high competitiveness and heavy damage, this type is not as popular as spur cockfighting.

Higher and more generous rewards

Knife cockfighting extremely unpredictable. No matter how talented and strong that rooster is, if he is negligent, he will receive a fatal blow. Due to such characteristics, this type of reward rate is two or three times higher than fighting with iron spurs or fighting.

Address providing the most reputable cockfighting betting odds today

Because cockfighting is held far away in the Philippines, Vietnamese bettors cannot go there and watch cockfighting. This is both time consuming and costs a lot of money. Not to mention affecting work and causing inconvenience. So how can you watch cockfights and do a few rounds of prediction skills?

A very simple way is to become a New88 member. After entering this playground, bettors will be satisfied with dozens of fierce large-scale cockfights. High quality image transmission without lag brings the most comfortable feeling to users. The sound of the arena is also live, making you extremely excited with the loud cheers echoing in the sky.

The question is why choose New88 to play cockfighting betting. While there are many other units outside the market that also provide this type. If you want to know why, don’t rush through the content below.

Provides all types of bets

Although cockfighting betting is on an online platform, the products are extremely diverse and more attractive than in real life. This is absolutely true when you choose to experience at New88. Besides the main bet, the house also offers countless side bets to challenge players.

Full payment of bonuses and promotions, no shortage of even 1K

Playing cockfighting or any other type of betting, players also want to join a fair and fast payment site. Because money is always associated with life.

New88’s motto is to bring prosperity, success and create absolute trust for customers. We do not make empty commitments but always prove them with specific actions. That is the fastest and most complete payment of bonuses and promotions.

Create the safest and most comfortable entertainment space

The betting world is full of temptations. As a companion to thousands of bettors, we are very aware of our responsibility. That is to create the safest and most comfortable entertainment environment for members. The house does not entice or incite bettors to participate in betting.
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Everyone can come here without having to bet and never have their account locked or harassed or impolitely solicited. The house strictly prohibits uncultured behavior such as inciting, inciting, cursing, and insulting each other.

Financial support for bettors through promotions

As we said above, cockfighting is extremely unpredictable so the possibility of losing bets is very high. To support members, New88 did not hesitate to launch cashback incentives from 1.5 to 3%. Whether you win or lose, your bet will be fully refunded according to the ratio. Although the amount of money is not much, if you are lucky enough to bet and win, you can easily make money from there.


Cockfighting is a dramatic, bloody and challenging form of entertainment for courageous bettors. Note, when participating in betting on cockfighting in this form, if you are not sure about the results of your judgment, you should only place money at the safest level possible.

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