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In their free time, many people often choose to play games to entertain themselves and improve their intelligence.Rules of playing Monopoly Not too complicated, this is a popular game around the world, with special ways to play.Bookmaker will reveal to you in detail how to play Monopoly and the detailed rules of the game.

A few words about Monopoly

Monopoly, also known as Monopoly, is a new and attractive board game released by Hasbro. Accordingly, players will roll 2 6-sided dice to move pieces around the chess board, then buy and trade properties, developing them into houses and hotels.

Players collect money from their opponents with the aim of driving them into bankruptcy. Money can also be earned through opportunity cards, tax transfers or imprisonment… It can be seenRules of playing Monopoly Extremely interesting but the way to play in real life is the same.

This game has many internal rules along with many different versions. And gradually this game has become an international popular culture, licensed to operate in more than 103 countries and published in more than 37 languages. In Vietnam, this game is associated with many different landmarks.

Monopoly, also known as Monopoly, is a new form of board game

Instructions for playing Monopoly, everything you need to know

To play Monopoly, you need to know basic information to be able to grasp quickly:

Monopoly chess set

A Monopoly chess set includes 40 boxes, including 2 dice and small animals that will represent the player. Each property has a title consisting of 32 houses and 12 hotels. The opportunity cards will be located in the “?” located on the game table. Fortune cards will have a blue chest-shaped box on the board. Play money will be in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000 with a bank tray.

A Monopoly chess set includes 40 boxes, including 2 dice and small animals

How to play Monopoly on the Monopoly board

In the rules of playing Monopoly, the board consists of 40 cells running along the 4 edges of the board, including the following information:

Includes 28 plots of land/properties

In the American version, assets will be placed according to famous cities, while the Vietnamese version will be placed according to famous streets of Hanoi, these boxes often have color bars above. Players will have the following actions:
See :

Buy land: If you come to a plot of land and no one has bought it, you can buy it or use the auction. If you want to buy, you pay the amount stated on the land to the bank and then get the corresponding land card. If you don’t want to buy, the bank will auction that plot of land.

Paying rent: If that plot of land already has an owner, you can rent the land according to the corresponding amount stated on the land document. If that plot of land is mortgaged, the owner has no right to collect the fine from you.

Building a house: Theo Rules of playing Monopoly, when you own plots of land of the same color, you can build a house on the land. However, the fine amount will double when there are enough plots of the same color, the fine amount continues to increase. When there are more hotels, the fine will increase to the highest.

Build a hotel: When you have 4 houses on each plot of land, you have the right to build a hotel, whereby the 4 houses will be sold to the bank to buy the hotel. Each plot of land allows only 1 hotel.

The rules of playing Monopoly in the American version are that assets will be placed according to famous cities

3 Chance slots

The opportunity space can bring you luck or misfortune. If you land on one of these two spaces, take the indicated card and follow the instructions. Then, return the last card and place it face down in the deck. In the rules of playing Monopoly, the Get Out of Jail Free card is kept until used and returned, and if you do not want to use it, you can sell it to someone else at an agreed price.

3 Air Fortune slots, 2 rental slots (Community Chest)

The 3 Lucky boxes are risky things in playing Monopoly, but sometimes they are lucky things. There are 2 more tax boxes left:

  • 1 luxury tax box: You need to pay the corresponding amount listed there.
  • 1 Income tax box: Similarly, pay according to the tax amount stated in the box.

 4 squares in 4 corners

The 4 squares at the 4 corners in the Monopoly game rules are specifically:

  • Departure point: This is the starting point for each player’s mascot that either passes through this box (Roll the dice or is indicated by Chance/Luck) and the bank will pay you $200.
  • Free parking: If you enter this box, you will not be fined.
  • Go to jail.

Detailed rules of playing Monopoly

First, you appoint a person to act as a bank and open an auction. That person has the right to collect taxes and fines. At the same time, that person keeps the red book, house, and hotel when the house has not been built. The other players place the animal on the starting square and roll the corresponding dice according to the button number. Players make moves, buy land, build houses, and rent out.

Thus, the article has compiled information aboutRules of playing Monopoly so you can join quickly. Hopefully, through that you can easily play, entertain and train your mind.

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