Instructions for playing New88 poker effectively and some things to know

Currently, there are many people looking to play poker in the lobby New88 This is one of the most popular card games today. This game has very attractive gameplay and many special rewards. To understand this topic betterPlease follow the article below!
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What is Poker?

Before learning aboutPoker  New88 Whatever it is, you should understand the game of Poker first. This is a very attractive card game and is loved by many players. This game has been around for a long time but it is only popular in Western countries.

Since the twentieth century, Poker has entered a new level and expanded to the international betting game market. Currently, Poker has developed widely in Vietnam and is popular among international students. Up to now, this game has been very well received by Vietnamese youth.

Poker is not only an entertaining card game but it is also known as a money-making game. This game uses a deck of 52 cards to play and in Vietnam it is called poker or poker. During a game, you will be dealt separate cards, and the community cards will be placed in the middle of the table. At the end of the game, whoever has the fastest and strongest card combination wins.

Poker rules at New88

When you play Poker  New88 There will be many variations, and among them is Texas Hold’em poker. And this is the most popular type in the betting game market at the present time. So when someone mentions the card game poker, they are talking about Texas Hold’em. And the information below will help you better understand how to play New88 poker.

Some options when playing New88 Poker

When you play games Poker  New88 You will have the right to choose one of the following terms:

Skip cards

This means that when you want to stop the game, you can use this form. Most players choose to fold when they are dealt bad cards. And they feel like they can’t win. If they try to continue playing, they will lose more money. When you choose to stop, you will lose all the money you bet on that game.


This means that the player offers a bet amount that no other player has bet on yet. Then all remaining players want to continue playing. Then they must place a bet equal to or greater than the amount you bet previously. If those players cannot choose anymore, they can choose to fold.


That means you choose to bet, and the next players can call or fold. If you choose “Raise”, it means you are holding very strong cards. In case other players do not want to lose more money, they can abandon their bets.
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To all

That means you are the one who bets all the money you have at that time. Or it also has another name: all-in. When you choose to go all in, just sit back and watch the game until it ends.

According to

That means you will have to continue to spend an amount of money at least equal to the amount the previous player bet. To be able to create opportunities for yourself to continue playing that game.


That means no one bets in the game. Including you, all players will wait for the next player’s action.

Rules for playing New88 Poker cards

When you start a game Poker  New88 There will be a player sitting next to the Dealer’s left hand. Players must place a bet, also known as blind money. After you have completed the blind bet, the Dealer will begin dealing the cards. Each player will be dealt 2 random cards and go through 4 betting rounds. Specifically:

Round 1: Fre-Flop

This is the case where the person to the left of the big blind will play first. Then the next person chooses to quit, bet or call. And the turn continues clockwise until the game ends. At this time, the system will summarize the player’s bet amount to prepare for the next game.

Round 2: Flop

In this second round of play, the first 3 community cards will be turned over for everyone to know. You can combine them with your trump card to form a link of the 5 strongest cards.

Round 3: Turn

In the third round, the fourth community card will be turned up for all players to see. You can combine them with your trump cards to create the most beautiful hand possible.

Round 4: River

In this final round, the player will turn over the last community card, which is the 5th card. In this round, you must complete the creation of the community card. And trump cards to combine into the strongest hand. When this betting round ends, there is still more than 1 player left on the table. Then they will have to face up their cards to compare who is the winner.

Regulations on how to combine New88 poker cards

To win a game of Poker, you need to ensure one of the following two methods:

  • First: You must make your opponent give up first.
  • Second: As a player, you must build a very strong card system.

As stated above, in a game of Poker you will be able to combine your trump card with 5 community cards. To create the strongest hand system with 5 cards. The player can use both cards or just one card, or no card at all.

How to operate New88 Poker game

When playing Poker  New88 You need to clearly understand how the game works to be able to play effectively. Specifically:

  • A normal poker game will require a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 10 people to play. For play Poker New88 a card game usually played at a table of 9, 6 or 2 people.
  • On the poker table there is a circular symbol with the letter D standing for Dealer. And this circle will continuously rotate positions from one person to another in a clockwise direction. The main purpose is to determine the position of the first player on the poker table.
  • In a full Poker game there will be 4 betting rounds. And each player will be dealt any 2 cards. In a poker game, there will be 5 community cards that are revealed one by one in the middle of the table for the participants to see. The player who arranges the strongest card combinations wins.
  • After each turn, the bets of all players will be combined into a place called a pot. The betting round will end when everyone’s bets are equal and no other player raises.
  • The winner will receive everyone’s entire bet.

How to play Poker at New88

Current way to play poker  New88 is getting the attention of many players. After everyone has consulted the rules of playing Poker, start playing the game. To play Poker at New88, you can follow these specific steps:

Step 1

To play games at New88 game portal, players need to Register for New88 before.

Step 2

After you have an account, log in to your game account.

Step 3

Then everyone please recharge Enter your game account through specific forms such as: scratch card, bank, pay code, smartlink, giftcode. Only when the player has enough money in the game account can he play the game.

Step 4

In the game menu interface of the New88 game portal, please select the “Card game” section. Then, select “Poker” to start playing the game.

Step 5

You can choose from pre-made tables to play. Or people can also create their own table to invite others to play. There are fixed betting levels of 100, 500, 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K. Please rely on your current amount of money to choose the appropriate game room.

Step 6

After you have finished placing your bets. The system will automatically deal cards to each participant on the table Poker  New88.

Step 7

Then you started playing cards and applying the rules playing card Poker to play most effectively.

Step 8

When the game ends, the system will automatically calculate points to return winning or losing results to the players on the table.

Experience playing Poker at New88

If you want to win while playing poker  New88. It requires everyone to have playing experience and a reasonable way to play. If you play the game based only on luck, it will be very difficult to make money from this card game.

Below are some playing experiences that experts have learned during their gaming experience. For new players who are new to this game, you can refer to some of the experiences below.

  • The first advice for you is to not play all hands. Because this factor will make you empty-handed in just one game.
  • Players should carefully observe their opponent’s playing style to see how they play. Because mistakes cannot be avoided during the game, you should quickly detect what your opponents reveal. Considering your opponent’s attitude is also a way to help you know if your opponent has a strong or weak hand.
  • When playing poker games at New88, you should always keep yourself mentally stable. Players need to be alert throughout the game to be able to make the most accurate decisions.
  • Please focus on the community cards and think about how to create the strongest set of hands.


Above is detailed information about how to play poker  New88 for your reference. Hope article at New88 It will bring many useful things to you and help you play more effectively.

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