This article will discuss sitemaps

This article will discuss sitemaps. What is a sitemap, and how can it help with SEO?

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One of the most important aspects of SEO is that search engines will index all your pages and rank them in the search engine based on the content you have written.

Your website is no longer the only one on the Internet. Search engines crawl millions of websites every day. The resources and time spent on your site will be limited. We need to get the most out of the time and resources that we do have.

It’s therefore our responsibility to make sure that the search engine reads our website effectively so we don’t lose any pages from being indexed, or delay any page in indexing.

Sitemaps are not only for search engines. Sitemaps can be very useful for your visitors. You might not be in a position to include everything on your website’s navigation.

So HTML or front-end site maps can help you visitors find the pages they are searching for. You can list the categories, important pages and other information on your front-end sitemap. This will help your visitors find a particular page. On the other hand we create an XML search engine site map.

This XML sitemap is only for search engines. You can also hide it from your visitors. Search engines can now read your entire website and list it in an organized way.

You must now be using SEO plugins such as Yoast, Rank Map or other similar tools. These plugins already include the ability to create an XML Sitemap. If you don’t use any of these tools you can still access the XML Sitemap that is built into the latest version WordPress.

You don’t need to use these SEO tools in order to create an external website map. Once your XML Site Map is complete, you can submit it to the search engine you wish to have your website indexed.

It’s not like your site won’t be indexed. It will still be indexed if you do not submit an XML sitemap. However, this will speed up the process.

How to submit the XML Site Map in the Search Console.

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