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Although not really familiar, Ice Hockey betting is still a place that many bettors choose for entertainment.
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However, because it is quite new, the lack of knowledge is not too difficult to understand. To make each betting decision more accurate, below will be detailed sharing about this form of play.

What is Ice Hockey Betting?

Vietnamese bettors who know a lot about Ice Hockey can probably count them on the fingers of one hand because this is essentially an unpopular game in our country.

However, thanks to the special rules and attractive nature of each match, the number of spectators for this game also increased significantly.

Ice Hockey betting is betting on the odds that the bookmaker offers for matches in different tournaments around the world.

To serve the needs of players, online playgrounds increasingly offer more bets for this subject.

At reputable bookmakers like Nhà cái uy tín, this betting product has a fairly high number of bet tickets. When you join, you will find that betting on each match couldn’t be simpler.

In addition, each round of Hockey is not too long, so you will quickly know whether you will win the house’s prize or not.

Basic way to play Ice Hockey betting

Ice Hockey betting sounds strange but is very easy to play. To make the correct decision and “receive” the rewards of a playground like Nhà cái uy tín, why not start memorizing the following simple ways to play?

(1) Game rules

Every Ice Hockey betting game you participate in is guaranteed to comply with the following rules:

  • An Ice Hockey match will take place in 3 periods.
  • Each round lasts 20 minutes.
  • If there is no winner or loser in the main rounds, the match will continue to play extra time for 5 minutes or the winner will be determined by Shootout.
  • Players will rely on the total number of goals, scores of the rounds, prediction of the winning team… to make an appropriate bet for themselves.
  • The winning result will depend on the match result, the odds offered by the house…
  • Lucky players will have money added directly to their account by the house.

There are also some notes about ice hockey betting rules that you should master as follows:

  • If the match starts earlier than scheduled, the match result will be based on the actual time for betting.
  • Bets placed after the actual time of the match will be canceled except for bets placed by the house during the match.
  • Players who bet on the entire match will use the results of the entire match including overtime to determine the winner or loser. However, if you only bet on the 3rd overtime period, the result of the extra period will not be counted.

(2) Basic bets

No less than other products on the Nhà cái uy tín system, Ice Hockey betting also has its own unique attractions.

These bets are quite diverse and to play correctly, you need to understand their meaning as follows:

Asian Puck Line Betting and Over/Under

This is a similar bet to the flutter bet in soccer betting. This bet is made by the bookmaker while the match is taking place. The results that the two teams score in the remainder of the match will determine the win or loss of the bet.

3-way spread bet

Choosing this bet, players can bet on Draw, Win or Loss.

For example: The house gives the handicap that the upper team has for the lower team as (-1), the player will win or lose in the following cases:

  • If the match result is at least 2 goals different for the upper team to win, the player who bets on the upper side wins.
  • The upper team wins by 1 goal and the bet is tied.
  • The player who bets on the under wins if this team draws with another score or wins the match.

Over/under odds

This bet is placed based on the total number of goals scored by both teams. Depending on the bet level offered by the house, players decide for themselves.

Odd/even odds

The total number of goals in the match is also the basis for players to determine win or loss in betting.

Players will predict whether the total number of goals is even or odd to choose the appropriate door. The result of 0 – 0 of the match is counted as an even number to determine the player’s win or loss.

Bet on the winning team

Bets are based on the win or draw results of the two teams participating in the competition.

Similar to European odds in football betting, the bookmaker also offers payout rates for 3-way Win – Draw – Lose for players to predict and place bets.

(3) How to calculate bonuses

In addition to providing many diverse bets, Nhà cái uy tín is also considered a bookmaker with a very large winning rate.

The bonus level is very high, but bettors also need to know how to calculate money to see how much profit they can make so that they can balance their capital more accurately:
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  • For those who win enough handicap money, they will receive a bonus = Bet amount x bonus rate.
  • In case of winning half the money, the player will receive a reward equal to (Winning ratio x Bet amount) then divided by 2.
  • With over/under bets, the bonus will be equal to the Bet amount x Over/Under winning odds given by the house.
  • Similar to the Even/Odd bet, the lucky player’s bonus will be the Bet amount x Odd/Even odds given by the house.

Instructions for betting on Ice Hockey at Nhà cái uy tín

As the number 1 bookmaker in Asia, it is guaranteed that coming to Nhà cái uy tín you will receive the best services. With Ice Hockey betting, you can rest assured that you will always be safe and lucky if you follow these instructions correctly:

  • Step 1: Registerbookmaker Nhà cái uy tín at the home page.
  • Step 2: Deposit money to bet. =>INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPOSIT AT Nhà cái uy tín
  • Step 3: Select Sport => Select game provider => Find Ice Hockey.
  • Step 4: Determine the tournament of interest => Select the match the house has opened the bet on -=> Select the bet ticket => Place money.

Finally, complete the bet by confirming and waiting for the match to end.

How to bet on Ice Hockey to always win

Although placing bets accurately depends on many factors, preparing well with knowledge also helps bettors be much more confident.

For those who are new to online betting, gaining life-long experiences is like “golden documents” to start more smoothly. So please try to refer and choose the following appropriate strategy:

(1) Understand the rules of Ice Hockey

This is the first step for you to learn how to bet on Ice Hockey effectively. Ice Hockey is a sport for Vietnamese bettors sport completely new.

Therefore, to be able to bet successfully, reading information about sports is very important.

There are many documents about Ice Hockey on websites so anyone can read and watch live matches to understand the rules of the game.

At the same time, bettors also need to visit reputable bookmaker sites like Nhà cái uy tín. Here you will find information about the detailed rules of the betting product.

(2) Watch the match live

Watching matches regularly is a very important factor for us to be able to bet on Ice Hockey effectively.

From here you will be able to evaluate the performance of the two competing teams much more easily. It also helps you choose the right bet at the right time to bet and increase your winning percentage.

(3) Don’t ignore capital control

This is an effective way to play that both new and experienced bettors should apply. For new players, choosing to bet with a moderate amount of money will help you limit the risks you may encounter.

As for those with experience, controlling capital will help you achieve the highest profits.

Basically, bookmakers like Nhà cái uy tín will offer a variety of Ice Hockey betting odds and high payout rates. That’s why we can easily get our capital back if we analyze the match seriously and methodically before placing a bet.

QA on Ice Hockey betting

Even though you clearly understand the rules of the game, when betting on Hockey you may encounter the following problems:

(1) How to bet on Ice Hockey at Nhà cái uy tín?

Players need to register for an account at bookmaker Nhà cái uy tín to start the experience. Fill in a few simple registration information to become a member of today’s leading bookmaker.

Next, select the deposit category to fill your account and experience all products. Select the Sport category on the home page => Select the appropriate betting hall => Click on Ice Hockey to see the odds table and start betting on Ice Hockey.

(2) Is it simple to deposit money at Nhà cái uy tín? How are fees calculated?

To play Ice Hockey betting, Nhà cái uy tín members need to deposit money into their account.

Currently, this operation is considered by members of the house to be extremely simple. Players just need to choose an appropriate method, fill in the necessary information and immediately have money in their account.

All deposit methods at Nhà cái uy tín are free of cost. The player’s account will be displayed with the correct deposit amount, the house will not enjoy the discount.

(3) What should I do if I don’t know how to choose a bet ticket?

Information about the rules of the game and how to bet on Ice Hockey will be shared by bookmaker Nhà cái uy tín on the house’s homepage. As mentioned above, the betting interface is also focused on making it very simple.

If you don’t know how to bet, you can contact the customer service for instructions.

(4) Does Bet Ice Hockey have promotions?

Ice Hockey betting can receive many attractive incentives, but you need to regularly monitor the homepage or contact customer service for more details.

In summary, betting on Ice Hockey is not difficult and especially at the reputable bookmaker Nhà cái uy tín, it is extremely simple and attractive.

Try starting with a low bet and gradually increase your profits according to your experience.

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