The secret to playing Keno Okvip and never losing

Undeniably, online Keno at bookmakers is very attractive to bettors. This is a form developed from the traditional lottery game. Although born late, it still attracts great attention.
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If you know the secrets to playing at the top of the game, this will definitely be a great way to have fun and win prizes.

What is Keno?

Keno was formed from a traditional lottery game, originating mainly in China. However, this game only appeared in Vietnam in 2019, the development time is not considered long.

Overall in terms of gameplay, this game has a few similarities bingo or lottery. This means that the bettor who chooses the correct number with the drawing result will receive a bonus.

This game includes 80 marbles and is numbered from 1 to 80 and you have the right to choose any number. For the dealer, they will spin and then choose 20 numbers.

When any player owns a number that matches the drawn number, the player receives the winnings.

According to the rule, the amount of money received is equivalent to the number of winning balls drawn, the more you win, the bettor will receive countless prizes.

Especially, players can bet on many different tickets to increase their chances of winning.

Instructions on how to play Keno

Although the launch time is not that long, this game already has a large number of players. At Okvip, Keno is always in the top of super hot games, with a large number of members.

In essence, the game has simple rules and if mastered, you can make money.

a) Game rules

The results of this game at Okvip will be determined according to the official results of some countries such as Canada, Oregon, China… A game will last about 5 to 10 minutes.

At the beginning, the system will randomly draw 20 balls, all of which are numbered. There are many variations of these 20 balls, corresponding to each type of bet and odds.

b) Forms of betting

This game has many forms of betting including:

Betting form Over/Under

This form is quite popular and has many choices, including two main doors: over and under.

In which the over is the door where the total of 20 balls drawn is from 811 – 1410, the under is the door where the total of 20 balls drawn is less than 810 points, that is from 210 – 810.

Odd/Even bet format

The form has two different odd and even doors and is also calculated according to the total of 20 drawn balls. If you choose even and the lottery result is an even number, the player will get a prize, otherwise if you choose an odd number and the lottery result is odd, you will get a prize.

In which the total score of 20 players will be divided into:

  • Big even: Even from 811 – 1410.
  • Small even: Even from 210 – 810.
  • Large odd: Odd from 811 – 1410.
  • Small retail: Retail from 811 – 1410.

High/Low bet format

This form of betting is quite simple, the bettor only needs to choose the total of 20 drawn balls. However, the Okvip system will specify from 1 to 40.

  • High: Over 10 balls under 41.
  • Low: Over 10 balls greater than 40.
  • A draw is when the number of balls on both sides is equal.

Dragon Tiger betting form

This bet will be to predict which colored pieces are more numerous. If there are more red pieces than green, the Dragon wins and vice versa, the Tiger wins. When the number of colored pieces on both sides is equal, choose Draw to win.

Form of betting on Five Elements

Five elements betting is also quite popular at Okvip, players will predict within a certain range. Includes 5 ranges: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire. Each range will have different odds. In there:

  • Kim: From 210 – 695.
  • Wood: From 696 – 763.
  • Water: From 764 – 855.
  • Fire: From 856 – 923.
  • Earth: From 924 – 1410.

c) Betting odds and rewards

This game attracts players because of its high reward level. Specifically, bettors should understand the following odds:

  • Betting form Over/Under
  Finance 810 Faint
Ratio 1.95 108 1.95
  • Odd/Even bet format
  Odd Even
Ratio 1.95 1.95
  • Bet form: Over/Under/Tie
  Above Draw Below
Ratio 2.3 4.3 2.3
  • Form of the Five Elements
  Kim Moc Water Fire Earth
Ratio 9.2 4.6 2.4 4.6 9.2

Instructions for playing Keno at Okvip

The rules of Keno at Okvip are similar to the traditional form. The gameplay is simple, bettors can easily earn points and bonuses with the steps below:
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  • Step 1: EnterOkvip and then search for the login section or register if you are not a member here. The way to create an account is very simple, just complete the form and you’re done. In fact, creating an account takes less than a minute, the system automatically logs you in when completed.=> REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS for Okvip
  • Step 2: To play Keno, you need to have money in your game wallet. The deposit level can be arbitrary but the minimum is 150K, the number of deposits is not limited. Players just need to go to the deposit section right next to the display name, then deposit according to the methods supported by Okvip. Usually it takes about 5 minutes for the game wallet to have money immediately.=>INSTRUCTIONS FOR DEPOSIT AT Okvip BOOKER
  • Step 3: Once you have enough betting capital, you can go to the Keno lobby to play. When entering the game lobby, you will see many betting tables and different odds. To avoid getting confused, it is best to review the game rules before betting.
  • Step 4: Choose any numbers in the row on the betting table, choose the bet type and deposit money. Remember to fully check all operations performed to avoid errors. If you win, you will receive a reward immediately after the game ends. The bonus can be exchanged for cash when performing in the withdrawal section.

7 Tips to always win when playing Keno

The lottery version is simple, but if you don’t have your own secret, it will be difficult to win in the long run. Therefore, experts at Okvip have compiled many good tips from experts and would like to share them with bettors.

1/ Find a quality place to play

The first thing that bettors should pay attention to is the betting location. Although there are many bookmakers appearing, you should find a reputable playground to avoid fraud.

The advice is to look for a reputable bookmaker with many promotions and high payouts. Of course, Okvip is the best choice for bettors. An online playground with a huge number of members.

2/ Understand the rules of the game thoroughly

Of course, if the player doesn’t know the rules of the game by heart, how can he win the game to death? Actually, the rules of this game are very easy to remember, you will understand immediately after a few minutes.

However, we need to seriously learn and grasp the knowledge to be able to play well. If you are a beginner who has just joined, hasn’t researched carefully and has already put down money, it is natural that you will lose your bet.

3/ Don’t give up your bets from the previous game

The nature of the game Keno is a game of chance, the numbers in each game are random, the prediction is not absolute.

The numbers that you placed in the previous game should not be ignored but must be remembered because the repetition rate is quite large and you can win big if you continue to play those numbers.

Many people often miss the previous numbers, causing consecutive losses in the following games.

4/ Do not place the chain according to a certain rule

Many players bet Keno choosing the wrong way is to place the chain according to the rules, the goal is to get better points but in reality this way of placing has no effect, the advantage is very little.

You should pay attention to each game, pay attention to the numbers drawn and only choose 2 to 3 numbers as the best. Don’t be greedy and choose too much or you may lose all the capital in your game wallet.

5/ Bet on tickets with a few numbers

For new players, betting a lot is an action that should be done because of the concept of “risking a lot”. However, professional players believe that this is the wrong way to play.

The longer the sequence you place, the less likely you are to win. You should only bet on any sequence with less than 8 numbers. The possibility of winning on small numbers is very high, so you should focus on them.

6/ Strong mentality when fighting games

Don’t be subjective about your psychology because success or failure depends on this factor. If playing gamesKeno In a depressed and stressed mood, it is easy to lose.

On the contrary, if we are psychologically stable, we will be able to analyze the numbers better, have better strategies, and then we will win more.

7/ Play with stops

Don’t play without stopping, without knowing how to balance your bets well. If you unfortunately lose a lot, just stay calm, stop for a while to recharge and then fight again.

When you win a lot, don’t be arrogant, play recklessly, bet a lot, but stop when you have enough bonus money.

Overall game Keno It’s quite easy and with just a little research you can fight effectively. So come to the Okvip bookmaker and start right away.

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